After a first date, 99.99% of couples are not ready to get married. That’s because most people need to date for a while to build trust, develop a strong connection, and make sure the other person is genuine.

So when a customer visits your website don’t expect that it’s an opportunity which won’t go astray. Getting people to look at you online is only one step of a sometimes lengthy courtship. Of course they’re checking out your competition, they will definitely be doing comparisons. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make that sale. Your customer is human, just like you.

Using visitor data helps us understand the Conversion Rate, and once we’ve determined that – we can start looking at barriers in the conversion funnel – the thing that happens after that first click.

At its most basic level it’s the point where we decide whether a button is clear, that the page looks good, that the site is easy to navigate, whether you are trustworthy or not, and the content is relevant to what an ad promised. It’s not rocket science – it’s a diagnostic approach.

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