116 Million+ can’t be wrong

LinkedIn is a social network with over 116 million users that enables you to network professionally, post and find jobs, answer questions, and build thought leadership—while simultaneously helping the people you trust. A user can easily discover the people employed by a business and the various companies for which a person has worked. But what makes LinkedIn truly different from other social media sites?

Before you dive into using LinkedIn as a business, you need to master using LinkedIn as an individual. While many people have an account, their profile is often incomplete. And the only thing worse than not having a profile is having an incomplete one. Thus, assuming you already have some form of a LinkedIn profile (if not, go create one!) work hard on getting your page up to speed.

Connect your Twitter Account with Linkedin

Just above the Public Profile link under the first section of your profile (where your name, headline, and image is), you will see a Twitter link. Click edit to manage your Twitter settings. Not only should you display your Twitter handle, but you should share tweets as well. Your tweets are one of the only ways to make your profile personable and not focused solely around your professional life. A client or employer will want to see how you speak and think in addition to the more traditional information available on your resume.

Create a Company Page

A LinkedIn Company Page is the one page in your social network that calls for the most professionalism. Just as a person profile is professional in its resume-like nature, yet has a touch of personality through Twitter streams and applications, a Company Page should exude a white-collar persona paired with some company character.

Create a Showcase Page

Showcase Pages are niche pages off of a company page. They allow a Company to promote specific products or market to a specific buyer persona. LinkedIn users can follow singular Showcase Pages without following the business or their other Showcase Pages. This allows businesses to promote for and cater to the audience specific to the page.

Companies can drill down into each of their buyer personas more deeply and keep content personal and interesting. Once that content is published, LinkedIn provides you with useful, dedicated analytics for each page.

Microsoft, along with Cisco, Intel, and Adobe were among the first to implement Showcase Pages into their marketing strategy.

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