Experience counts for a lot.

“It means a measured approach that’s already peer reviewed and proven. I’ve already transformed and re-vitalised many companies and international brands. I’ve already inspired relationships between my clients, their customers and stakeholders – and produced successful national and international campaigns. My clients backgrounds are as diverse as their services and turnover.

This experience can save you a great deal of time and money if you want to get online, or improve where you are at – and I’ll get you there without flap, magic, or waffle*.
If you need your stuff offline – I already know how to match that with your online assets, and of course make you look absolutely brilliant at the same time.”

Here’s just some of the companies that have benefited from that experience, and unlike other client lists you might read I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of many of them:

Kelloggs, The Legacy Foundation (Rio Ferdinand, Mark Noble, Bobby Zamora), Active Commuting, Gauge Developments GDG, Graphtec, Ted Todd, Chatterbox Walls, Broadstock Office Furniture, Thames Water, Metro Rod, Palm Cay (Bahamas), Danzer, The British Museum, Manchester University, Carborundum, Girobank, Ingersoll Rand, Kodak, McCarthy and Stone, Symbol Technologies, Timberland, William Developments, Second Charge Loans, August Blake, Alliance and Leicester, ICI, CADW, Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, Technology Strategy Board, Victoria and Albert Museum, FIFA, Peel Holdings, Civic Engineers, Add People, Liberty Properties, Ballymore, Neptune, ASK, BAM, Kier, Adaptec, Pennine Telecom, Amoco Chemicals, Motorola, Danka, The British Army, Polartec, Specimen Trees, ARIA, Florida Villas Venice, The AV Group, Lucas Arts Star Wars
… and more.

*waf·fle2 [wof-uhl] verb (used without object), waf·fled, waf·fling.

1. to speak or write equivocally: to waffle on an important issue. verb (used with object), waf·fled, waf·fling. Origin: 1890–95; orig. dial. (Scots, N England): to wave about, flutter, waver, be hesitant; probably waff + -le