Which is why your inbox is crammed full of spam every time you open your mail, and why most of the rest of it is irrelevant.

Creating those negative experiences chips away at the integrity of brands day after day, and an irrelevant email sets continually lower expectations for subsequent mails. Which inevitably creates a downward spiral of decreasing engagement and ultimately – churn.

The lesson you can learn from this is knowing that you only have a small fraction of your customers bandwidth, so don’t waste the opportunity.

If you don’t learn from your mistakes you’ll be throwing good money after bad, and customers don’t grow on trees. So like I already said – don’t keep digging the same old hole.

So why do it the hard way?

Your email marketing needs to be trusted, relevant, and look good all at the same time. We can create and manage your email campaigns for you, using the latest best practice techniques. You’ll have a single point of contact who will make sure your campaigns are on time and tackling all of your business needs.>

MailChimp, iContact, Constant Contact… all those lower cost mail solutions are just fine. We use them! But before you get out there you’ll need to validate your list otherwise all that lovely conversion cleverness, and those funky graphics are going straight into someone’s junk folder.

In simple terms a mail campaign has to be set up from the very start using a logical, step-by-step process that maximises every ounce of potential from what you already have. Don’t waste an ounce of that potential, because when you lose customers – they rarely come back.

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