She loves me.

At the outset it’s vital to appreciate that getting the right type of customer is more important than getting more people to hit your button. Focus on customers who are more likely to love you, and you’re half way there.

You may have realised by now that IMOSO take a structured approach to most things, and optimisation is no different. Part of that process is to ensure that we understand what the analytics tells us, and defining objectives that make the most of your traffic. There’s no room for guessing (testing maybe), or poor quality engagement.

In many cases the optimisation has more to do with structure and organisation than it does with your website, so it’s important to develop a strategy right up front before tackling any pages. Get some customer feedback, run some test, try some user testing amongst your most trusted clients.


There’s no doubt that advertising is getting more and more expensive. It’s crucial that the ads are also properly optimised and with a high ‘quality score’, because without it your ads could be costing 4 times as much as they need to. Worse they may not even appear at all. With our help you’ll get your ads up to speed and pointing in the right direction at the right time. And when that traffic comes through you’ll only turn it into new business if you deliver on site, what you promised at the start.

She loves me not.

After a first date, 99.99% of couples are not ready to get married. That’s because most people need to date for a while to build trust, develop a strong connection, and make sure the other person isn’t a complete psychopath.

So when a customer visits your website don’t expect that it’s an opportunity which won’t go astray. Getting people to look at you online is only one step of a sometimes lengthy courtship. Of course they’re checking out your competition, they will definitely be doing comparisons. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make that sale. Your customer is human, just like you.

Using visitor data helps us understand the Conversion Rate, and once we’ve determined that – we can start looking at barriers in what we call the Conversion Funnel. Don’t get distracted by the terminology, this is just the thing that happens after the click.

At it’s most basic level it’s the point where we decide whether a button is clear, that the pages looks good, that the site is easy to navigate, whether you are trustworthy or not, page titles and content are relevant to what the ad promised. That kind of thing. Certainly not rocket science it’s a diagnostic approach.


The key page is your landing page. If that doesn’t have all the bits and bobs that your customer needs to make an enquiry then you’ll lose them there and then, probably for good. Now, what works for some may not work for others, but what your top competitors are doing might help you… just make sure that you compete with those businesses on a level playing field – there’s no point pretending your products are as good as those when they aren’t so think about it from your customers viewpoint. Headlines, hero images, truth, forms, testimonials and partner or endorsements are all the vital things we need to keep this courtship going.

She loves me.

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